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•   Real Estate Terminology

A light hearted look at the terms real estate agents love to use.


For example:

Near new:   The carpet is stained.

Luxury:       The carpet is not stained.


The contents are based on my 40 years of real estate agency practice, 20+ years of dispute resolution, living a life full of wonderful blessings and having my share of being kicked, beaten and generally knocked around, with many successes between those “experiences.”  


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Mike Pinkney's opinions on a variety of real estate and property management issues


How up to date are your documents?  We live in an age of rapid change.  Are your key documents keeping up with the latest in decisions of the REAA, Courts and experiences of other pracitioners.  Click here to read Mike's article as published in the August 2011 Real Estate Institute Journal (The Hub).



Real Estate Agents need to be very careful in responding to REAA notification of complaints.  To read Mike's 2011 article for the Real Estate Institute Journal, click here   


Long term risks for real estate agencies might be avoided by the use of these clauses in employment contracts for salespeople.


Tenant References

Would you rely on one from the current landlord?


"Mates protecting Mates" Yeah right Mr Cosgrove Part 2  (2010)


Beware when arranging a property trade


Real estate agency is now the most high risk business in this country.  To find out why, click here.


The Real Estate Institute media comment of the Budget 2010 and residential real estate as an investment

(Still relevant in 2016)


"Mates protecting mates"  Yeah, right Mr Cosgrove! (14th April 2010)



Comments on the jurisdiction of the REAA and the implications of suspending your licence.


 REAA/REINZ Agency Agreement










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Mike Pinkney's opinions, articles and whatever on issues relating to integrity, honesty and trust - and anything else of general interest.
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